Release Notes for Build 402.3 - March 14, 2020

1.       When adding a Person (such as a witness to a baptism) to the People tab of the Event detail form, the wrong Person        was being identified if the ‘Select from List’ option was employed. This no longer happens.

2.       When adding a new Event Role, the new role was created, but an error message was always issued indicating that the new Event Role already existed. Fixed.

3.       When deleting a parent or spouse via the Edit menu, the Event pane of the Person View was not being updated to reflect the deletion. Fixed.

4.       Under certain circumstances, the Age: field of the Event detail form was not being displayed. This has been corrected.

5.       When adding a Document or Multimedia image file to an Event, sometimes “[No description could be found]” would be displayed in the Description field. Tis situation will no longer arise.

6.       While it was possible to delete a parent from a Person, the option to sever the parent-child relationship always failed. It now works.

7.       Event sharing was failing when invoked via the Share button on the Event detail form.