Purchase a License or a Flash Drive

If you are a first-time user or a prior user who purchased a full license before 2019, you need to purchase a full license to be able to continue using rootstrust after the 30-day trial period.

If you purchased a full license before rootstrust, Version 2 was available and would like to unlock the advanced features of rootstrust 2, you need an upgrade license.

Full License

Upgrade License

Universal 64GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Universal 128GB Solid State USB 3.2 Flash Drive

Plug the rootstrust 64GB Universal Flash Drive into any computer running Windows, macOS or Linux and run rootstrust directly from the flash drive. You use the processor and memory of the host computer but not any storage device.

The 128GB Solid State drive has not only twice the storage capacity of the 64GB flash drive, it is also more than twice as fast. It is essentially a miniature solid state hard drive.

This flash drive is tailored to the operating system of your choice using a more robust file system than the universal FAT32 (NTFS for Windows, HFS+ for macOS and EXT2 for Linux). Also contains a universal 5GB FAT32 partition for copying files to or from a host computer with a file system that is not compatible with the flash drive's file system.

64GB USB 3.1 Operating System Specific Flash Drive

128GB USB 3.2 Operating System Specific Flash Drive

This device is like the 64GB Operating System Specific Flash Drive except that is has double the storage capacity and has faster read and write speeds.